Jr Nationals Park & Pipe 2022

March 29, 2022

What a show! Freestyle BC was humbled and proud to send 26 amazing athletes at the Jr Nationals Park & Pipe event held at WinSport, Calgary Alberta. Our athletes showcased their talents in the three disciplines: SuperPipe, Slopestyle, and Big Air. The BC athletes put everything on the line to bring home a medal count of 17 (7 Gold, 4 Silver, 6 Bronze). 

Day 1: SuperPipe

The event started with SuperPipe on Friday. Athletes had the privilege of riding one of the best SuperPipes in the world. For many of them, this was one of their first times in a pipe of this caliber and they didn’t hold back from skiing in the front of their boots and catching air out of the 22-foot walls. Having this chance to ski at this event was a great opportunity. 

Podium Finishes:

  • Avery Krumme: 1st F14 & 2nd Overall
  • Linda Madi: 1st F16 & 3rd Overall
  • Zoe Greze-Kozuki: 3rd F18

Day 2: Slopestyle

Saturday consisted of the slopestyle event. A difficult course with three jumps, two rails, and slushy snow made it no easy feat. Out of the 95 athletes competing this was the biggest day of them all. The day was non-stop filled with big spins and flips by athletes competing from all over Canada. The BC Team displayed tremendous performance with five medals being brought home. 

Podium Finishes: 

  • Avery Krumme: 2nd F14
  • Kristin Hoivik: 1st F16 & 1st Overall
  • Eliza Bell: 3rd F16
  • Ryder Mackenzie-White: 3rd M14
  • Zoe Greze-Kozuki: 2nd F18

Day 3: Big Air

Sunday’s Big Air event was a huge success for BC. This event was held on Winsport’s premiere 60-foot jump. The sun was shining and athletes put it all on the line during the final day of Jr Nationals. They each had two jumps to showcase their talents and hard work over the years of training waiting for this moment. 

Podium Finishes:

  • Avery Krumme: 2nd F14
  • Kristin Hoivik: 1st F16
  • Eliza Bell: 3rd F16
  • Zoe Greze-Kozuki: 1st F18/2nd Overall
  • Jude Oliver: 3rd M14
  • Evan Friesen: 1st M18

Jr Nationals finished off with 3-days of high-intensity competition. We are very proud of our 26 athletes and want to give a huge thank you to the coaches for coming together and supporting the team throughout the event. Another thank you to the parents. Your support, loud cheers, and finish-line high-fives is what brings this sport together. 

Congratulations athletes on the 2022 Jr Nationals Park & Pipe event. Best of luck to the rest of the season. 

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